How a Leader Talks is a window to How they Think

Think about that….

There are many things you can pay attention to in a leader’s words:

  • What pronouns are they using?  Do they start with I, We, You?
  • What verbs are they using?  And how is that verb related or not to you?
  • Is it a question or a statement?  Does it open or close your mind?
  • Is it leading, directed, rhetorical or something else?

The Questions You Ask, Determine the Answers you get

There’s a reason you’ve got that question in your mind.  What is it that you’re looking for as you’ve formulated the question?

For example, rhetorical questions and their supposed answers, belong to whom?

For example, statements with a question mark, are whose statements?  Then, why add the question mark at the end?  I smile at this.

What are you learning about yourself now?

With this learning, how does it change the way you approach….?

How do you want to be intentional going forward?

Start with What and How, not why?

How does a WHY question land when you hear it?

What type of answer does it “create”?  Normally, WHY questions bring about root cause, justification, rationalizing, explaining.  It tends to bring about a lens in the past.  As leaders, what’s in the past is in the past.  While there are moments to reflect, our primary focus should be in how to move forward.  WHY questions aren’t the easiest way to move forward, so how can you reframe it in a WHAT or HOW? 

Take this one tidbit and be intentional in practicing it.  Start with being aware of yourself.  Before you ask a question, pause and think about whether you can frame it in a HOW or WHAT.  Or if you do start with a WHY,  pause and request an opportunity to reframe the question. 

True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.